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Inspection Plug Strategies manufactures inspection ports and inspection labels for use when performing non-destructive testing (NDT) for corrosion and erosion loss on piping and equipment in compliance with the Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity effort.

Our inspection plugs are made of high temperature elastomeric polymers, which are ozone resistant and UV stable, providing many years of trouble-free service. The patented flange of our inspection plug is self-locking and self-sealing; eliminating the need for screws, lock down rings, silicone caulk, or swaging tools.

Inspection Plug Strategies' unique inspection plug designs work equally well on smooth, embossed or corrugated jacketing without the need for a corrugated transition gasket; and contours to elbows without field cutting.

Inspection Plug Strategies’ inspection plugs have been proven superior in service at many leading producers around the world.

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